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You want to improve your language skills without leaving the home or office? No problem.  Skype  connects teacher and students in a modern, direct and comfortable way. Get regular lessons from an experienced tutor within the comfort of your own home. Through the use of voice-chats and webcams the experience will be of high-quality. Online English via Skype is a great opportunity for students with busy schedules or in far-away locations.

English Online Course

If you're looking for a qualified English online teacher, seek no further. I'm a certified tutor and native speaker with 20 years of experience. My goal is to give you the skills and confidence you need to master modern life. Whether you're a business woman/ man or private person, contact me for individual lessons. Instead of dry textbooks we make use of modern techniques such as [….] Your English will improve in relaxed discussions about daily life. Enjoy the benefits of a qualified native speaker (MA Education) with the famous British wit.

English Exercises Online

Improve your English skills online. With a computer and broadband-access there's no more need to leave the house. Skype has revolutionized the way we communicate. Just enter my name and contact me directly within seconds. Using a mic and a webcam we will be able to see and listen to each other. This offers a convenient way of learning. It allows me to help you out in terms of pronunciation and articulation or use all kinds of imagery to visualize complex matters.
Skype is also available on mobile devices such as laptops and tablets. Now you can have English exercises online while being on the road or chilling at the beach.


Skype Online English: Try it now!

Do you need a quick vocabulary lesson or to improve your English grammar online? Skype gives you the flexibility you need in our globalized world. Online English is the best way of using modern forms of communication four your own benefit. Contact me for further information! I'll be happy to get to know you.

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